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About Christopher Rayvon's Services:

"Do what thou Wilt"

Who am I?
I am a Catholic with a New Age Understanding. I have been reading tarot cards for over 15 years.
I am guide that has the gift to help you along the twisting paths of life with insight and intuition. I can lead you to the path that best fulfills your goals and help you sustain a happy life. I offer to burn candles and say prayers to Saints of your choice free of charge.

What I am not?
I am not a psychic. I do not make predictions, nor can I tell you who, when, and what they look like. I guide you along a path with insight to choices and situations in your life. I am not a witch/warlock so I don't do spells.

Type of Reader
I look for insight from the cards. I allow the cards to form a picture and a story within my mind. I interpret the picture so I can tell you what the cards have showed me.

Decks Used

  • Dragon
  • Vampire
  • Cosmic

  • What I can tell you
  • Show you the paths as they are laid out for you
  • Help you with choices that you may face soon
  • Give you insight on a person or situation
  • Guide you through tough and insecure times
  • Listen.

  • What I don't do
  • Make Predictions. Free will does not allow life to be predetermined.
  • Tell you names, dates, lotto numbers, etc.
  • Make decisions for you. I can only show the path, it is your decision to walk it.
  • Answer Medical Questions.
  • Answer Legal Questions

  • I do not hold back and will only tell you what I see. If you are coming to get a happy feel good make me smile kinda reading, I am not the one for you. You pay for someones talents and not to be lied too. If you want false hope please see someone else. If the hope I can give is real, then it will be genuine. I will help find paths that will lead to happiness and sometimes they are away from people and situations that we sometimes desire. Always remember a quote that I have grown fond of "Yesterday is history, Tomorrow is a mystery but today is a gift. Which is why its called the present."

    Experience & Qualifications

  • 15 years of Tarot Reading
  • 12 years of Bible/theology study
  • 4 years as a consultant for Angel's Tears Consulting
  • Meditation Consultant
  • Other

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