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Manifest your True Will for "there is no part of you that is not of The Gods" Love is The Law, Love under Will 93 93/93

Through the use of African-Styled Bone Reading and, on occasion, other Oracle Tools, I'm able to connect to my clients' situations and get insights into the underlying patterns that are affecting the situation. Knowledge is the POTENTIAL of Manifested Power, so from a position of Intuitive Insight I can then consult as to the best way to go forward toward desired outcomes. This is where Magical Advice/Coaching can come into play for those that desire it (I can also do Spiritual Work on behalf of my clients as well). Let's navigate through your current situation and get you closer to your innermost dreams made manifest in the flesh......right here and right now!

Experience & Qualifications

With almost two full decades of both study and practice of the Mystic and Occult Sciences, It's been an honor to help hundreds of people so far as a Diviner/Intuitive Consultant and Metaphysical Practitioner/Coach. I've had the Honor to study with some of well-known figures in Western Hermetic Tradition; Conjure/Rootwork; and Eastern Spirituality. While previous generations of my family have kept their Gifts only for friends and family members, I am happy to finally expand it into the public domain. My additional training and initiatory experiences have only added to my Gifts that I'm now able to offer here to you.


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